Kettle Moraine Boys Basketball Club

JV Classic Grade 3-8 12/18/21

JV Classic: Grade 3-8 Details


Thank you for your interest in the JV Classic Tournament for Grades 3-8.

Date: Saturday, December 18, 2021

Format:  3rd and 4th Grade Tournaments are open to "A" and "B" Level teams (3rd and 4th Grade "A" Teams can choose "B" Level on the registration.)

5th Grade to 8th Grade Tournaments are for “B” and “C” level teams ONLY.  “A” or “Z” teams will not be accepted into this tournament. If “A” or “Z” team please see our “A” tournament on January 16th, 2022. 

This has an 8-team bracket structure.  Teams must be comprised of players from the same school district. No All-Star or AAU teams.  3rd and 4th grades are not designated A or B level and are open play. 
Fee:  $225, online payment at time of registration.

Reserve your team’s spot now! Registration and online payment must be submitted to reserve placement.   Placement is not guaranteed until email confirmation from the tournament director.  Refunds will not be offered if cancellation is within 4 weeks of the tournament. If the tournament is cancelled due to COVID-19 your tournament fee will be 100% refunded.


Please direct questions to:

Mark Grundtner (262-442-4997) or